How to recycle yard trim

What is yard trim?

Yard trim is leaves, grass, brush or anything else that has grown naturally in your yard.

Choose from these methods for recycling your yard trim:

See our instructions for oversized yard trim and storm debris.

How do I prepare yard trim for curbside pickup?

To be accepted in our curbside recycling program, each branch or tree limb may be up to

  • 4 feet in length
  • 4 inches in diameter

Do not use plastic bags.

To prepare your yard trim this way Follow these instructions
paper yard trim bags Place material into large paper yard trim bags (available at most grocery stores, home improvement stores, and garden centers).

Each bag must be 45 pounds or less. Set bags at the curb by 7 a.m. on your collection day.

Do not use paper grocery or shopping bags for yard trim collection.
reusable container Place material into reusable containers, like trash cans.

Label your containers with our Yard Trim decals. Make sure the decals face the street. Order free decals.

Each container must be 45 pounds or less. Set containers at the curb by 7 a.m. on your collection day.
bundled with twine Bundle your brush with twine.

Each bundle must be
  • 30 inches or less in diameter
  • 45 pounds or less
Set bundles at the curb by 7 a.m. on your collection day.

How much yard trim is accepted per collection?

You may set out an unlimited number of bags, containers, or bundles of branches and other yard trim for pickup.

Do I have to request yard trim pickups?

Pickups are made on your regular recycling day. You do not need to request a separate collection.

Do you make leaf pickups in Fall?

We accept leaves year-round in our weekly yard trim collections. You must prepare your leaves in paper yard trim bags or reusable containers.

Curbside leaf vacuuming is offered in a number of County areas during the Fall. Vacuuming is provided by the County's Division of Highway Services.

What is not accepted?

Curbside yard trim collections do not accept

What happens to the yard trim we collect?

We compost leaves and grass at our Compost Facility. After the finished compost is screened, the material is sold under the brand names Leafgro.

We grind brush into mulch, available at no charge at our Neighborhood Mulch Preserve locations.

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