How to dispose of lumber and other construction debris

If your material is in good, reusable condition

A good test of quality is to ask yourself whether you would give the material to a friend.

If your items pass this test and meet the requirements for our "Don't Dump, Donate" program for building material reuse, consider bringing them to our drop-off area at the Shady Grove Transfer Station and Processing Facility.

If your material is not in reusable condition

Is the material from your home?

Residents receiving County-provided trash service may

  • set out two cans of construction debris a week. Each can must weigh less than 45 pounds.
  • schedule one item (a door, a sink, a toilet, a cabinet, etc.) for collection as bulk trash five times a year.

All Montgomery County residents, whether or not you receive County-provided trash service, may bring residential trash loads

Is the material from your workplace?

Bring your commercial waste to our Shady Grove Processing Facility and Transfer Station; the fee schedule applies.

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