How to recycle/dispose of glass bottles and jars

clear and colored glass bottles and jars

We accept all food and beverage jars and bottles made of clear, brown and green glass

How do you prepare your items?

Rinse all containers. Remove lids and caps. Then, place the glass items, and their lids and caps, into your recycling bin.

What items are not accepted?

We cannot accept

  • any other glass or ceramic products
  • mirrors
  • window glass

Put these items into your regular trash.

Glass products like drinking glasses, window glass, heat-resistant ovenware (for example, Pyrex or Visionware), and light bulbs) can look very similar to the glass used in food and beverage containers.

However, their special properties, such as heat-resistance, UV light resistance, or shatter-resistance, cause them to behave differently during processing.

The resulting recycled-content glass products could be of lower quality due to bubbles, cracks, or inclusion of the "foreign" pieces. Manufacturing equipment can also be damaged.

How do I dispose of mirrors or broken glass?

Please wrap mirrors or broken glass securely in paper to avoid injury during handling, and place into your regular trash.

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