How to recycle/dispose of clothing and textiles

What items are accepted?

We accept
  • clean clothing in wearable or non-wearable condition
  • shoes (please keep pairs together)
  • sheets
  • drapes
  • towels
  • belts
  • handbags
  • pieces of cloth and material larger than 14 inches square

What items are not accepted?

Sorry, we cannot accept

Where can I drop off my items?

Please consider donating your items to your favorite nonprofit organization.

We accept clothing and textiles at our Solid Waste Processing Facility and Transfer Station. Use the Frederick Road/Route 355 entrance to the Transfer Station and follow the signs to the Recycling Area.

For additional donation suggestions, visit our online "Use It Again" guide. Select "Clothing and Textiles" from the drop-down Category menu, and click on "Donate it".

How do I prepare my items for recycling drop-off?

Clean and dry all cloth textiles, put shoes in pairs, and place the materials into a plastic bag. Plastic bags keep out moisture that could cause mildew.

Items with mildew cannot be reused or recycled, and must be thrown away.

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